The Signature Classic Full Set ---$120 (90 min)

Shorten your morning beauty routine and achieve the perfect mascara look without the fuss! The Signature Classic Full Set is perfect for ladies seeking an effortless look. A single extension is applied to an individual lash to beautifully define and boost to your natural appearance.



The Signature Iconic Volume Full Set ---$210  (120 min)

Up your lash game, wow-factor and unleash your inner diva with the Iconic Volume Full Set. Voluminous lashes with added texture and depth are achieved using an advanced technique specific to Iconic Lash Bar. Multiple luxurious, ultra fine extensions are applied to an individual natural lash for a gorgeously fluffy look.



The Signature Tailored Full Set (HYBRID) ---$160 (90 min)

Can’t decide between classic or volume? Get the best of both worlds with a full set individualized to your desire.



Lash Addict Full Sets --- Dare to go bigger?

The more extensions, the merrier! These options will give your full set more oomph with an additional 40+ extensions for a truly incredible gaze.


Classic Lash Addict---$150 (120 min)

Tailored Lash Addict---$190 (120 min)


Volume Lash Addict---$240 (150 min)



Lash Maniac Full Set --- $310 (3-3.5 hours MegaVolume)

Using 8-15D+ Mega Volume Technique. We will achieve maximum fullness you could only dream of. Together we may even break one or two lash laws but we won't tell if you don't... So what are you waiting for? Walk out of here with Show Stopping lashes!




Maintain your Iconic status with our various fill options that fit your schedule. We recommend a fill between 2-3 weeks. Fills can be scheduled up to five weeks from your last visit. After 5 weeks a new full set is required.


Signature Classic Fills

  • 30 Min (1 week) ---$45

  • 60 Min (2 week) —- $65

  • 75 Min (3 weeks) ---$85

  • 90 Min (4 weeks) ---$100

Signature TAILORED Fills (HYBRID)

  • 30 Min (1 Week) ---$55

  • 60 Min (2 Week) —- $75

  • 75 Min (3 weeks) ---$95

  • 90 Min(4 weeks) ---$115

Signature Iconic Volume Fills

  • 30 Min (1 week) ---$65

  • 60 Min (2 week) ---$85

  • 75 Min (3 week) —- $105

  • 90 Min (4 weeks) ---$125


Lash Maniac Volume Fills (megaVOlume)

  • 60 Min (1 Week) ---$100

  • 75 Min (2 weeks) ---$115

  • 105 Min (3 weeks) ---$130

  • 135 Min (4 weeks) --- $145


Additional LASH Services


The Flirt ---$65

  • Want a little flare at the ends? Is this your first time getting eyelash extensions? Not sure if you want a full set? Then this is the perfect option for you. We will apply lashes just to the corners of your eyes. ( 30-50 extensions, Classic Lash Application ONLY)


Lash Lift ---$75


  • Do your lashes just need a little lift? Or don't want to commit to extensions? Then maybe a lash lift is the option for you. Lift your natural lashes subtly or dramatic, we can curl them to your desire. (Can last up to 6-8 weeks)


Extension Removal

  • Complimentary for established Iconic Lash Bar clients

  • External removals $35


Appointments after hours  

  • Have a Lash Emergency? Can't make it during regular hours? We will do our best to accommodate you. Give us a call for any after hour appointments! Call or Text us for Inquiry.

  • Additional $100



Re-Do Policy

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your lashes and service at Iconic Lash Bar.

In the event that you are not satisfied, please contact us within 3 days of your original appointment and we will gladly Re-Do or Fix your lashes for you complimentary.

All Re-do or Fix appointments must be booked within 5 days of the original service.