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The importance of properly done eyelash extensions by professionals

The most common risk in eyelash extensions is the premature shedding of the natural lash. If the extension is too heavy for the natural lash, the lash may shed prematurely. It is normal for a person to shed one to four lashes daily on average.

A normal lash growth cycle is between 90-120 days. However, a number of things influence this shedding cycle such as sharp changes in one’s hormonal levels, allergens etc. and it varies from person to person. At Iconic Lash Bar we focus on the importance of lash health, and how to choose the proper lash weight for each individual client’s eyelash tolerance. If an extension is too heavy it produces too much stress on the hair follicle, which may cause premature shedding. 

When lash extensions are done properly and with the proper aftercare, your natural lashes should be left unharmed, strong and healthy. Lets keep our lashes happy!